Services Offered By RICHEL, Inc.

RICHEL, Inc. has helped nearly 100 companies install and grow successful waterjet businesses in the USA, Canada, China, Africa, England, Israel, Mexico, etc. The services we offer include assistance in marketing new or existing businesses, purchasing of equipment, selling of used equipment, installation and relocation, waterjet training and consulting, CAD drawing and CAM programming. Our goal is to see you succeed. We are here to help you enter or expand further into the waterjet cutting industry.

Buying and Selling Used Machines
Installation and Relocating Machines
CAD/CAM Services
Consulting Services


Market research can be done in your zip code and surrounding area to locate potential waterjet users. This research will include a map showing the concentration of potential customers in your area, a table showing the type and number of businesses in your area, and street maps showing potential client locations.

RICHEL would be happy to write personalized letters on your company letterhead to each of these companies. The letter is formatted to be highly efficient. Potential customers simply circle certain points and fax the letter back directly to your office. You will be able to gather vital information and react professionally to these leads.

Should you wish, RICHEL will:

  • Install the database and software onto your computers if compatible.

Train staff to:

  • Track all prospects
  • Use auto-dialer to save time on making calls
  • Write macros for personalized mass mailing, labels and record tracking
  • Track all information by using search engines
  • Print customized reports as you wish
  • Call up customers using any aspect of data - phone - name - zip, etc.
  • Link data to automated faxing programs so you can contact all your clients quickly and easily
  • Contact and follow up all leads on your behalf
  • Visit and present your company to prospective users of your services

All rates on marketing services are reasonable and affordable, enabling your staff to focus on their specialty. Our rates should be less than you could do the research in house with your own staff!

Buying and Selling Used Machines

As the RICHEL name is prevalent in the waterjet industry, those with used equipment to offer often contact us as well as those looking to purchase used equipment. We are able to match the needs of both seller and buyer. Many times we are able to use our database of potential customers to match buyers and sellers before the equipment is ever posted on our website. So, if you’re looking for something specific let us know so we can keep you posted when it comes available.

Available waterjet equipment may include Esab, Flow, Jet Edge, Chukar, Ingersoll-Rand, ASI, Progressive, Robotics and many others.

Installation and Relocating Machines

Let us help relocate your used waterjet system!

RICHEL can help guide your company in all aspects of moving and commissioning a used waterjet system. Whether you’re just moving your system to a new building, or installing your first waterjet, we can help. We have assisted companies in the USA and as far away as China, handling all aspects of the relocation of the equipment. We can also train your staff and operators on all makes of used waterjet systems while on-sight.


As a new operator / owner of a waterjet system, you should already have the knowledge necessary to maintain your pump, cutting table, and repair any failures. If assistance in this area is needed, RICHEL can help, however, the focus of RICHEL's services is to assist in the practical operation of the equipment - helping to make the waterjet into an income generating business!

Although you may have machine knowledge, your knowledge on how to specifically program work in the countless materials you are likely to encounter will not generally have been covered. The training, one-on-one with a machine operator, CAD operator and the person responsible for pricing work is invaluable. References are available from existing clients where RICHEL has consulted to companies both new and established.

Itinerary for On-sight Training

We also offer specific training for some of the areas that RICHEL specializes in. One of those areas is in the use of waterjet cutting for the hard surface industry. This sector of the market has possibly the greatest growth potential of any waterjet application. These target industries would be:

  • Marble and Granite slab and tile
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Porcelain Tile
  • Inlay and assembly of hard surface materials, inlays of alloys (brass, stainless steel, aluminum)
  • Residential and commercial work
Itinerary for Hard Surfaces Training

CAD/CAM Services

RICHEL offers comprehensive CAD/CAM services for companies who do not have on-site CAD/CAM operators. We offer the full service of taking a fax and returning, either via email or directly into the computer, the geometry or full G code to run the program.

Also available are CAD services for those who require assistance when overloaded with work or when drawing complex pieces of art. We will take your image, scan it and turn it into geometry.

Consulting Services

The aim of RICHEL is to broaden your understanding of the waterjet industry, help avoid common mistakes, and assist in maximizing success. Enter the waterjet business with your eyes open. Avoid unexpected costs. Evaluate the financial viability in every aspect possible. Have a complete business plan. Know the where, when, how and who, before you invest.

Have peace of mind. Be confident. There is no need for doubt. Help your business grow and develop as intended.

The waterjet cutting industry is possibly the most dynamic industry with the greatest growth potential covering a vast client base. Maximize your profit. We help where you need us, ensuring your energy is not diluted.

Our services are tailored to suit your needs on an individual basis. If you have any alternative requirements, we will be happy to work with you.

Services Offered

  • Starting a new waterjet business
  • On-site training for new businesses
  • On-site training for existing businesses
  • On-site training for marble, granite, porcelain and ceramic work
  • One day consulting visit for sales team and management

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