Attendee Testimonials

  1. "A lot of information into the business side as well as into waterjet cutting"
  2. "Staff were able to answer all my questions"
  3. "A well built Machine"
  4. "Very Helpful"
  5. "I hope to be able to do buisness with you"

Michael Santeramo - Angier, NC - Dec 2006

"Very Informative on new products to me. The staff on the floor was very good. Very good first impression."

Paige Stewart - Angier, NC - Dec 2006

"I benefited much from this training . The CD had very good video clips..."

Sam Steiger - Steiger - Dec 2006

  1. "Good overview of the water jet technology"
  2. "Clear and simple revelations of key systems"
  3. "Practical instructions allowed us to relate classroom situations to hardware"
  4. "Enjoyed class, pacing and timely humor"
  5. "Recommend this to anyone starting new in waterjet"

Sam Chohan - Benicia, CA - Dec 2006

"The course is indeed informative for someone who is wondering, but is not sure that a water cutter is the best investment for the application that they want it for... "

Frank Harvey - Mississauga, ON Canada - Dec 2006

"Very informative, honest, fun. Will be able to make a better decision on what to buy and what type of work I would like to do."

Frank Harvey - Mississauga, ON Canada - Dec 2006

"Richard and staff are very helpful. Everyone is very open and forth-coming. I felt like I was making “new friends in the business” and developing a very good and long lasting relationship. (The course was) Very informative and I felt at home. (Staff) Answered our questions directly and took the time to find answers for the more in-depth questions. Thanks for the support!"

Dave - Wheeling, WV - March 2006

"Overall I thought the course was a great introduction to waterjet cutting both as a business and the technical side. It was refreshing to hear and see the possibilities available with water cutting instead of its limitations. I would also like to say that the most impressive thing to me was not Richard’s attitude during the lectures, but the entire company’s attitude… everyone I spoke with throughout the 2 day course and for the last 1 ½ years has been nothing but knowledgeable, courteous and dedicated to building the best machine they possibly can. It certainly reaffirms my opinion that we picked the right company to trust."

Steve - Wheeling, WV - March 2006

"I thought the course was great. Staff was very informative and helpful. There was not a questions or concern that was not addressed to my full satisfaction. I was very impressed with the total operation and the company’s philosophies."

Steve – Canton, GA - March 2006

"I thought the training was very insightful and informative. For someone with no prior exposure or knowledge of this industry, I was able to gain a good understanding of the basics and what is needed to pursue a particular specialization. The staff was exceptionally cooperative, helpful and eager to answer questions. Richard is very impressive and truly an expert in his field! I am looking forward to learning under his direction in the future and establishing a long relationship with the company. Very well done!"

Joe – Phoenix, AZ - March 2006

"I think the course was very adequate in learning a special and unique art in cutting ceramic tile or whatever need be to perfection. I really enjoyed Rich and the whole company. Thank you for all."

Ernie – North Ridgeville, OH - March 2006

"I thought that this course was extremely informative. The people here are helpful and answered all my questions."

Ed - North Ridgeville, OH - March 2006

"Always interesting listening to Rich talk about waterjet cutting and his experiences. Very informative and entertaining. Appreciate the openness and access to WARDJet’s facility and employees. Everybody was very enthusiastic and friendly."

Bruce - Holly, MI - March 2006

"Overall an enjoyable experience. Having everyone interact was helpful and informative. Very friendly atmosphere, the personalization of customers and potential customers is well thought out. More information than can be fit into 2 days but just enough so the book can be looked at later to fill in the blanks. Overall I think I know enough about waterjet now to buy my own or build it myself. Job well done Richard and staff!"

Jeff – Holly, MI - March 2006

"Informative. Knowledge is based on actual experience. Overall great presentation – exceptional staff!"

Wilson – Tracy City, TN - March 2006

"This is a must for anyone with interest in waterjet. Richard has been there, done that. After six different presentations from all major manufacturers, WARDJet is no doubt 2 steps ahead. Thanks and I will be back for business."

Carl – Piney Flats, TN - March 2006

"Class was very informative, as much can be with a group. Staff was helpful and informative. The demonstration on maintenance was very detailed and informative. Thank you. "

Dawn – Piney Flats, TN - March 2006

"I was absolutely thrilled with the presentation of the WARDJet Waterjet systems. The features we have discussed in this presentation have been phenomenal. This has truly changed my perspective on the impact of waterjet technology in job shop applications. This experience has made me think of other ways to improve my financial existence in the corporate setting."

Justin – VanBuren, AR - February 2006

"I was truly impressed with RICHEL Waterjet Company. The course was absolutely the best training seminar I have ever attended. All the employees have an excellent attitude and I can tell this is a company that acts with high moral standards. I would recommend the purchase of a WARDJet system without question. Richard is a man of integrity and it shows in every aspect of his company."

Tim – Brookfield, WI - February 2006

"The course was very informative (and entertaining). Richard’s review of the waterjet equipment available, new and used, helped clarify what makes a reliable machine. The staff has been very helpful. Understanding of a successful jobshop has improved greatly. I look forward to working with RICHEL/ WARDJet in the future. – Thank you all."

Mark - South Plainfield, NJ - January 2006

"Good course. What I expected. The business discussion and aspects were very valuable."

Joel – Knoxville, TN - January 2006

"RICHEL & Company- What a fun and informative two days in Ohio. I feel well informed about the design and functions of waterjet systems. Being a fabricator myself, I see the WARDJet as a fine machine that is well worth the cost. Thank you for the dinner, lunch, snacks and comfortable atmosphere. It has been a valuable experience and well worth the cost."

Kim - Costa Mesa, CA - January 2006

"I really enjoyed this course. It was more than I expected. It’s really amazing all we can do with a waterjet. I think your technology is in the top."

Renzo – Nashville, TN - January 2006

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