RICHEL, Inc. invites you to attend the 60th Hands-On Waterjet Cutting Techniques Course

WARNING: You may get dirty!

Next Course: To Be Announced 2010 - Tallmadge, Ohio

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Buying a waterjet is not seen as just a purchase, but as an opportunity to expand into the exciting world of waterjet cutting. When considering buying a waterjet, the more you can learn the better. We have an 'open book' policy designed to provide you with as much knowledge as possible which could drastically reduce your learning curve.

Who should attend?

All existing waterjet operators, managers and owners will want to attend. Richard Ward has personally consulted in over 200 locations and has been in the waterjet industry since 1992. His experience will be invaluable in answering your questions.

Anyone new to the waterjet industry who is considering purchasing a waterjet system and needs some guidance to determine if waterjet is the right choice for their application should attend. Even if you've already purchased a system, and are now preparing to install it, this course is a great place to start. This is an opportunity to check out all aspects of waterjet ownership through a hands-on experience.

Why attend?

Richel, Inc. and it's employees have years and years of experience in the waterjet industry. We have discovered many simple and practical solutions to standard issues you'll face, and we look forward to sharing this knowledge with you. Valuable information can be gleaned through the constant discussions happening throughout the course, as well as through the extremely comprehensive course manual. The course brings existing operators and prospective owners together for two days where the interaction alone is worth the investment. Talking to users operating different types of waterjets with various applications is priceless. Learning from others mistakes is invaluable.


The course is held at our corporate offices in Tallmadge Ohio, USA. Call for local airport and hotel details; this information is also supplied when your registration form is submitted.

Your Instructor

Richard Ward is a professional engineer who has specialized in waterjet cutting since 1992. His achievements have been recognized throughout the industry receiving several coveted awards such as the Manny Award 2000 and the TECHNOLOGY AWARD 2001, the latter being awarded to the individual who has contributed the most to waterjet technology in the prevoius 2 years by the Waterjet Technology Association. Richard is an accredited speaker for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and has personally conducted over 70 seminars worldwide on waterjet cutting. He has authored dozens of waterjet related articles for publication.

Two days training at RICHEL, Inc. includes:


Comprehensive Manual

Covers nearly all you would need to know about waterjet cutting (300+ pages), and gives you a guide to refer to later.


Pricing of Work

See how we priced actual jobs while operating our waterjet job shop (which we sold in 2003 to focus on servicing the waterjet industry as well as building waterjets - see ). Pricing sheets to help guide you through the quoting process are included in the manual.

Marketing Strategy

Throughout the course we will provide some examples and suggestions of how to market your business. You will have the opportunity to speak with several of our staff members who have successfully helped many other waterjet companies get started. You will also learn all of the other ways RICHEL, Inc. can help you put together a successful business and marketing strategy.


Spend some time learning and experimenting with our CAD/CAM software. Our experienced software instructors will show you how to prepare and program a part for waterjet cutting. We'll also show you some shortcuts to make the cutting process easier and more efficient. With a little help you might be able to get a part ready to cut in less than 30 seconds!

Raster to Vector Conversion - Artwork

See how to quickly scan a drawing or sketch and convert it into the lines and arcs that are necessary for waterjet cutting. Draw anything you want, then scan it, program it, and cut it!

Physically Run a Waterjet

Our experienced operators will guide you through running a waterjet system, from loading a program, to clamping and fixturing, to the finished product. Learn how to change consumables (nozzles, orifices, etc.) and perform general maintenance on the machine.

Personally Strip and Rebuild an Intensifier

RICHEL refurbishes intensifiers using precision CNC milling and grinding centers. Often modifications are made to the intensifiers to improve and extend their life. You will be able to strip and rebuild an intensifier in our shop - helping give a thorough understanding of the workings of the system.

Recycling of Abrasive

See first hand WARD 1 and WARD 2 units being built and tested. These units are abrasive removal and recycling systems that can reduce the operating cost of a waterjet up to 50%. They are built, tested and shipped worldwide by WARDJet, Inc. which is based in the same factory.

Abrasive Removal-Only Systems

See how efficient and easy it can be to have the abrasive automatically removed from your waterjet tank for a fraction of the cost of typical abrasive removal systems. The simplicity and ease of use of the system will amaze you and save you time, downtime, and money. It will also put a smile on the faces of the guys who normally dig out the tank!

Closed Loop Water, Deionization, Chillers and Water Quality

Look over the chillers and water treatment devices operating at our facility while you are here. Learn the importance of water quality, filters, pressure and pressure loss, hose sizes, etc. See how we conserve energy by integrating chillers with our units.

Grates and Fixturing

One of the most time consuming aspects of waterjet cutting can be fixturing parts to be cut. Our unique methods of constructing grates specifically for waterjet cutting ensures you are starting with a flat working surface. Our integrated clamping methods allow you to quickly load and secure material.

Waterjet Products

While attending the course you will have the chance to take a look at many of the waterjet products we have designed to work with new and used waterjet systems. These items can increase efficiency and reduce downtime.

Multiple Head Cutting

Learn the advantages of multiple head cutting along with when to and when not to use multiple heads. We have experience running up to 6 heads on our waterjet systems.

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